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Calling all the girls with the heels, preferably the ones with the ass

Reinstalled kik, add me guys: visualityofandrew

Anonymous asked: u super hella nice

Thanks super hella much :)

I think as you get older Christmas becomes more about giving presents than getting as much as you can

I remember a couple years ago my mum really wanted a digital camera so I bought her one for Christmas. It was one of the best ones too, I know she has just as expensive taste as me. To this day I don’t know if it was a lame idea or not but I wrote ‘From Santa’ like she used to when I was a little kid. I still remember how surprised she looked when she opened it and realised what it was. I don’t remember much from that Christmas, but I remember that.

Anonymous asked: u hella nice

You cutie :)


Dem fit girls tho

Sometimes my mind does wonder, would have we been good together? Shit, I bet we would have had some fun…